In a recent “Dev Watercooler” blog post, Blizzard unveiled new details about their experience prototyping the game. They also reassured the fans that they would do the original version of the WoW justice.

“The process of restoring the classic game is not straightforward, and it’s important to us to take the time and effort to get it right–this includes poring over numerous game versions, data, and code; meticulously scrutinizing all the changes we’ve made over the years,” Blizzard’s dev team wrote.
“All the work we’re doing will ultimately allow us to recreate an authentic classic experience on a platform that is much more optimized and stable, helping us avoid latency and stability issues. Additional improvements will include modern anti-cheat/botting detection, customer service and integration, and similar conveniences that do not affect the core gameplay experience.” 

World of Warcraft Classic was initially announced at Blizzcon 2017. Although a release date is not set in stone yet, we hope that it won’t take long for hardcore WoW players to return to the classic Azeroth once again.