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Insurgency: Sandstorm To Get Official Mod Support After Launch

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Insurgency: Sandstorm seems to be ticking all the right marks when it comes to making a great multiplayer experience. We earlier talked about New World Interactive’s plans for post-launch content in the form of free DLCs. Another great news that is bound to make Insurgency fans happy is that Sandstorm will officially support mods post-launch.

Talking to Gamewatcher, New World Interactive confirmed that post its release, Sandstorm will include support for Steam Workshop and custom maps. “We will be adding mod support and Steam Workshop support to the game post-release,” lead game designer Michael Tsarouhas told Gamewatcher. As for what mods support there will be, the team is hoping that it “will most likely start with custom map support and integration into the Steam Workshop. Beyond that, we are exploring total conversion support, game and rule changes, weapon model replacements, character model replacements, audio replacement packs, etc.”

It should be noted that these plans are not final and may change when the game comes out on December 12 for the PC.

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