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FIFA action is now unfolding in every city, thanks to LudusPro and Jackpott – the King of all Deals! Despite having players engaged in playing competitive games, Bhopal did not see much competitive action, especially in the sphere of niche esports like FIFA for years. The result was an huge line at the registration counter from the first day only, besides the people who came to know about the organizers and their modus operandi in the sphere of esports.

There was a huge crowd of youngsters competing for the slot in the national tournament. This included Shantanu Rastogi, a 17 year old guy, who managed to outplay his opponents and get himself a slot in national tournament at Lion’s Den, Gir.

Will his tender age and lack of experience be a hindrance, or will Shantanu manage to surprise at the national tournament? Only time will tell.


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