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Perfect World cooperated with Valve’s Anti-Cheat team in an investigation regarding Fierce Tiger, consisting of notable Chinese players such as the former ViCi trio Bin “Savage” Liu, BingYuan “tb” Li and Zhen “HZ” Huang. They have concluded that Kun “Leo” Hou was using a forbidden software during the Chinese qualifier for the $300,000 tournament.

Consequently, Leo is now permanently banned from Valve-sponsored and Perfect World events. In addition, Fierce Tiger is disqualified from participating at the CS:GO Asia Championships. TyLoo are expected to be the replacement for the upcoming June event after placing third in the qualifier, behind Fierce Tiger and VG.Flash.

Perfect World has told HLTV.org that the rest of the Fierce Tiger team who took part in the qualifier are currently under investigation, though there is no evidence at this point to suggest that they were also cheating. It is currently unclear what will happen in the Chinese open qualifier for the Asia Minor, in which Fierce Tiger are currently facing ROAR in the semi-final stage. FACEIT has been notified by HLTV.org about the situation and is waiting for Valve’s response.

Fierce Tiger’s roster consists of:

Bin “Savage” Liu

Zhen “HZ” Huang

BingYuan “tb” Li

QingYu “Monster” Deng

Kun “Leo” Hou

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