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A few days ago, Astralis fans were shaken by the news as Nicolai ‘dev1ce’ Reedtz, the lead Awper of team Astralis publicly announced that he would not be able to participate in the Blast Pros Series shortly after he fell upon a peculiar illness during IEM Oakland and went on a temporary medical leave saying that he wasn’t feeling good and would not be able to live up to the expectations of his fans if he were to continue without a break.

Today, dev1ce tweeted out the following:

In the tweet, he stated that he was disappointed about how the year ended for him and that he had been feeling a lot better than before. In addition, he also promises that he would return to the scene in Atlanta. Although, dev1ce’s current state and how he suddenly fell sick right before IEM Oakland remain a mystery, he has affirmed that he will explain all this sometime in the future.

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