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London, October 20th, 2018: Red Bull Guardians has crowned its first champions tonight at the Red Bull Gaming Sphere London following an intense grand final that saw Mineski triumph over paiN Gaming in three straight games. Red Bull Guardians took place over the weekend and saw four leading Dota 2 teams compete on a unique game mode, adding a new draft phase enabling teams to pick three extra heroes which can be subbed in for existing heroes throughout the game.

The tournament saw Mineski, paiN Gaming, ROOONS and Team Lithium battle it out in an electrifying series of matches across two days of strategic hero swapping gameplay. The custom game mode, exclusive to the Sphere, meant viewers got the opportunity to watch their favourite players deploying hero and strategy combinations never before seen in professional Dota. Winners Mineski dominated the tournament, cruising through to the finals without dropping a single game.

“I’m glad that we won. Although it’s a custom tournament and it’s a bit different, we still treated it as a really serious tournament,” said Damien “kpii” Chok.“We have ESL Hamburg next which we’re flying to tomorrow, it’s pretty much a tournament with all the good teams so it’s going to be more challenging. I think it will really help coming off on the back of this because we’re really confident as a team right now, we feel like we can do really well at LANs.”

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