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With the esports scene in the country growing faster than ever, it is time for some old organizations to come back in to claim a part of the big prize pools. Ate Gaming, one of the organizations who was present in the scene way before people could even think that playing video games professionally would allow one to earn a living, is back with a bang! Making their debut in the Gods of Gaming tournament with a temporary CSGO squad, Ate Gaming officially herald a new era in the Indian CSGO esports scene.

Ate Gaming’s lineup, as announced through numerous Facebook posts, can be seen below :-

Akshay ‘Kappa’ Sinkar

Sagnik ‘HellfighteR’ Roy

Sharan ‘Busterrr’ Dave

Ritesh ‘Ritz’ Shah

Krishna ‘Krissh’ Salecha

With the old organizations back to claim a portion of bragging rights for themselves, there will be some worthy competition at the tournaments this year, especially the ESL India Premiership.


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