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Despite India’s growth and more money being put into niche sectors like the promotion of esports, occasional disgraceful events happen, which sets back the efforts of everyone trying to promote the scene. We had Nikhil ‘Forsaken’ Kumawat’s ban last year, thanks to an alleged involvement in account trading (which is against Valve’s Terms and Conditions), as well as Kashef ‘Screamy1tap’ Ahmed’s ban for the same reasons. The new year dawns on the Indian esports scene with an extremely positive note, except when all the players of Eternal Esports switched over to Team Invictus. Now, the newly minted players of Team Invictus have been banned from the Gods of Gaming tournament for a ID spoofing.

ID spoofing is a serious criminal act, and the fact that players could fall so low as to employ tricks like these in order to ensure victory in a gaming tournament sounds pretty ridiculous. This sets an extremely bad deterrent on the industry, setting back the efforts of everyone involved in improving the esports scene of the country.

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