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Team Brutality Is Your Second Invitee to the CSGO Master League of the ESL India Premiership

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Tournament season is in full swing, and the ESL India Premiership is back. The CSGO Masters League, composed of the best teams in the Indian esports scene, is going to be one grand affair this time, with the big teams sparring out, along with the entrance of the promising newcomers to the scene. The second invitee for the CSGO Master League is none other than one of the most popular teams in India – Team Brutality!

Brutality’s rise in the CSGO scene was spectacular, making them the dominating team in the scene for a long time,till teams like Entity Gaming and Eternal Esports began to challenge their domination. Now they’re back in the game, looking for chances of redemption.

Brutality joins Entity Gaming in the pool of invitees to the CSGO Master League. Wonder who the next ten are?

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