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Earlier this year the Auto Chess makers Dragonest and Drodo Studio announced first-ever multi-platform Auto Chess tournament for their rapidly growing Auto Chess mobile and currently in-development PC version. The tournament, called as Auto Chess Invitational 2019, amassed a total prize pool of $1,000,000 for 32 players to compete on in the Grand Final, which is to be held in October 25-27 in Shanghai.

The Grand Final venue is 9F Super Brand Mall in Shanghai, China. Ticket pricing plan of the event is as follows:

Chinese online ticket platform Daimai.cn expected to start selling on September 30. Single-day ticket: CNY 29-39 (~$4-5.5), includes 5000 free candy + limited chessboard “Hidden Dragon Place”. October 25-27 weekend package: CNY 79 (~$11), includes 15 000 free candy + limited chessboard “Hidden Dragon Place” + exclusive messenger.

During each game, audiences can choose 3 players they like. If the selected player gets the top three scores, the audience can use the points to redeem the corresponding prizes at the on-site exchange booth.

The tournament is organized in cooperation with international Auto Chess partners IMBA!, SIN ESPORTS, GLL, VNG, Funease, GLOBO, and ESforce.

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