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While the Indian CSGO squad of Entity Gaming is out there on the global front, giving some tough competition in the SEA region (and excelling at that), Entity looks to expand beyond the borders of the country, as far as the Middle East for a new CSGO squad. This allows them to improve the skills of both squads as well as participate in wider range of tournaments as Entity tries to enter the big leagues of professional CSGO.

The new Middle Eastern roster comprises of :

Omar ‘3Arkooz’  Elyyan 

Love ‘Havok’ Paras

Yazid ‘Latal’ Kurdi

Mohammad ‘Zerocool’ Al-Adwan

Omar ‘Jabz’ Jabbouri

Just like the DOTA 2 squad, inducing foreign talent allows Entity to take part in tournaments they otherwise could not have. This also makes Entity Gaming to be the first esports team in modern times to harbor two rosters for one game!

The Indian squad for Entity remains the same, and they will continue to take part in tournaments. What remains to be seen is the Middle Eastern squad in action.

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