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Auto Chess has been quite the sensation of lately, with every DOTA fan playing the game to its fullest. The game has taken the world by storm – becoming quite a sensation after it came out officially. The insane popularity of the game has prompted Drodo Studios, the official developers of the game to host a tournament for it. The tournament boasts of a whopping prize pool of 1 million USD, making it the first tournament for the game.

                                        The game’s qualifiers will take place starting August, and will have both online and offline events for “greater community involvement”. The finals will take place in Shanghai in October.

                                                                                                                      Auto Chess has become quite an attraction – even more so since its release on Android and iOS. In fact, the game, which started as a DOTA 2 mod, has invited competition from Riot Games and from Valve itself, who have responded with their own version of the game (for reference, they are Teamfight Tactics and DOTA Underlords respectively). The only possible criticism for Auto Chess is coming on account of its exclusivity to the Epic store, though that accounts for a smaller, more vocal section of the player base.

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