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Team Signify, with their updated roster,has a cause for celebrations and a well-deserved applaud. The team has qualified for 2 international events in 2 subsequent days and are playing in the finals of a national level tournament this week.


The team faced 48 grueling hours,starting 7th December playing in the WESG and the Predator League regional qualifiers. The WESG qualifier semi-finals ended at 1.30 am and since the next opponents were based out of Laos, where it was already early morning, the finals were decided to be held on the next day. Catching a 6 am flight to Bengaluru,to attend the scheduled media events for the Predator League tournament,they had to forgo any kind of rest or sleep. The finals were resumed in the evening which they cleared. In spite of such a packed day, the team still grabbed an opportunity to practice for a while. Displaying astronomical levels of willpower, the team went on to play and ace the Predator League qualifiers the next day.


Acer Predator League and WESG are tournaments of high international repute with prize pools of $150,000 and $1,500,000 respectively. Signify will be representing India in the Predator League, in Indonesia and the entire South Asia + South East Asia region in WESG, in China. Along with the international tournaments, the team is also making headways in the national leagues having qualified for the ESL India Premiership 2017 Winter Season LAN Finale to be held in Delhi this week.


The team roster has been updated just 3 weeks ago. It was the sheer dedication of the members that made all these laurels possible. They put in countless hours of practice and reached peak levels of performance in less than a month. At one point, they were playing 4 tournament qualifiers and putting in practice hourswhich amounted to over 7 hours of daily gameplay, with around 10 games each day. Their hard work and perseverance has paid off and culminated in the prestigious and envious position that they are in today.

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