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In what seems to be a hard blow for one of the professional Counter Strike teams in India, Team SemperX have been disqualified from the ROG Masters 2017 South Asia Qualifiers.

Responding to a complaint of cheating from Team Iyati taking part in the same tournament, ESL India had elevated the case to the Esports Integrity Coalition – with the result that player Nikhil “Forsaken” Kumawat, a player for Team SemperX, will be served with a 2 year ban from ESL tournaments, and a permanent ban from Valve.

Forsaken was found to be the owner of a VAC banned Steam account with the username “rektmao”. While Forsaken maintains that he did not hack on that account, and that he had given the account to a friend who has used hacks on it, which resulted in the VAC ban. Even if his version of the event is legit, it is in violation of the Valve’s Terms And Conditions, which prevents players from selling accounts and renting accounts to other players. Since SemperX have been playing in the tournament with a player having a VAC banned account, they will be disqualified, and the next best team in line, JMD Gaming, will be allowed to play in their place. However, team SemperX is free to play in future tournaments if they manage to find a replacement for Forsaken.

ESL India and NODWIN Gaming, the organizers of the South Asian Qualifiers of ROG Masters 2017, have declined further comment on the issue.

  1. And there was Neelabha praising Indian teams. This is the dirty truth.
    This guy should serve a long term ban, 2 years isn’t enough.

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