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Recently, Digital Foundry get their hands on Remedy’s upcoming time-bending game, Quantum Break.

According to their analysis, Quantum Break is allegedly running at 720p on Xbox One, which is relatively low and creates dissatisfaction among Xbox gamers.

Yesterday, the developer issued a statement clarifying why they ended up choosing this resolution for their flagship game.

The developer told Inquisitr :

Quantum Break’s 1080p output is a temporal reconstruction from four previous 720p 4xMSAA frames. This approach gets us high pixel quality in combination with complex shading and effects, allowing us to achieve a cinematic look. However, varying sample counts between passes and temporal upscaling makes talking about resolution, as it is traditionally understood, complicated in the case of Quantum Break. Since the start of “Quantum Break’s” development, the most important thing for Remedy and Microsoft has been delivering a compelling gaming experience with superior artistic quality. This is what Remedy is renowned for. We’re confident that we have achieved this, and can’t wait to hear what fans think on April 5 when they play the game.

Despite the fact that it has low resolution, its anti-aliasing and soft textures still provide incredible graphics. We’ll see how the game performs and what gamers think of this time-bending adventure, in future.

Quantum Break is scheduled to release on April 5 for Windows PC and Xbox One.

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