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YCJY Games, the madcap developer behind The Aquatic Adventure Of The Last Human and Sea Salt, have unleashed their latest project upon the world with the frenetic first-person shooter roguelike Post Void. Available on Steam for ₹125 / €2.50 / £2.33 / $2.99 – and discounted to ₹85 / €1.65 / £1.54 / $1.99 this week – Post Void is the most fun you’ll have for less than a cuppa joe.

Post Void is a surreal scramble of early first-person shooter design that values speed above all else. You’re constantly taking damage, which is only replenished by obliterating fiends with your infinite ammo weapons. Featuring frenetic first-person combat and comically cruel difficulty, most players aren’t going to last more than a couple of minutes as they brave Post Void’s flurry of 11 procedurally-generated micro stages.

Post Void is an easy game to grasp with a control scheme consisting entirely of shooting, sliding, and jumping, yet there’s plenty of variety with a choice of power-ups presented between each level. Change your weapon to a shotgun or uzi, increase your HP, or upgrade to ricochet bullets. Keep your hopes up for your favorite upgrades as you race your way through this ultra-violent ultra-vibrant representation of a headache. Compete with your friends to ascend the leaderboards and reach the bliss of the Void.

Post Void is a sort of mix of Devil Daggers and Downwell with heavy influence from Francis Bacon,” said Josef, artist. “It’s fast, intense, and a run is so short that it just begs for a ‘one more try’ mentality until you’ve lost track of time and wasted your life.”

What people are saying:
  • “Like a segment from MTV’s Liquid Television or Oddities! Yes kids, that means it’s friggin’ cool and surreal.” – Dennis Wedin, Hotine Miami
  • “Honestly, this is about the most fun I’ve had in a single-player FPS in years.”  – Johan Toresson, Raw Fury 
  • “I’m getting owned … but it’s really addictive! ” – Niklas Åkerblad, El Huervo
Visit the YCJY Games website: http://whycjwhy.com/
Follow YCJY Games on Twitter: https://twitter.com/YCJYgames
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