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Dell launches its Premium Support Plus service in India, can detect issue even “before you know it exists”

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From the era of Michael Dell, Dell is better know for its consumer support services and of course, for its product lineup. And to extend its support features in India, Dell announced an augmented service offerings for its consumers in India, with the launch of Premium Support Plus.

Recently launched at IFA exhibition, the service is available on Alienware 15 Alienware 17, XPS and Inspiron devices, improving customer experience through simplified and hassle-free support.

With Premium Support Plus, Dell has added another addition to its costomer services in India , giving consumers an option to choose from OnSite support, Premium Support and Premium Support Plus, as per their need.

Premium Support Plus is touted as a 24×7 anytime service, which can be access anywhere using mobile phones to contact expert technicians, personalized assistance for complex software issues.

The aforementioned service is powered by Support Assist technology, and is said to automatically detects both hardware and software issues and proactively alerts consumers when they occur. “Support Assist also enables Dell’s technicians to initiate contact with customers and begin resolving the problem, often before they even know an issue exists”.

“Dell’s legacy of service support for users has been instrumental in building trust. Focused on ensuring that user experience remains seamless, we can now resolve technical issues without the consumer facing any hindrance. Features like predictive issue detection and faster than ever resolution will ensure that a Dell PC never fails,” said Alen Joe Jose, Product Marketing Director, Consumer Small Business, Dell, India. “With the addition of Premium Support Plus to our service offering, Dell is offering best-in-class support for PC users in India.”

Premium Support Plus also comes with advanced support features like personalized step-by-step expert assistance, optimization for PC performance and repairs for accidental damage. Dell has also effectively reducing any technical issues with up to 86% time on the phone and reducing the number of steps for resolution by 59%.

Premium Support Plus offers the following advantages to consumers:

  • 24×7 direct access to expert hardware and software online/phone supportSupport
  • Assist technology-enabled features to:Proactively find issues and contact Dell while notifying you
  • Predict problems before they startRemove viruses and malware
  • Optimize PC performance automaticallyIn-home support – where technicians are sent to customers’ homes should the problem persist
  • Repairs for accidental damages such as drops, spills and electrical surges
  • Collaborative help to resolve everyday software issues
  • Personalized help with software for more complex issues, or for help with setting data backup, parental controls, and more

Dell’s Premium Support Plus is now available for consumers using Dell XPS, Inspiron Series and Alienware in India.

Premium Support and Onsite Support are already available on Dell’s XPS, Inspiron, and Alienware devices in India.

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