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First noticed by a member on ResetEra, one of the folks from a podcast on the YouTube channel Easy Allies claims to have heard from reliable sources that the Japanese developer GameFreak (popular for the Pokemon games for Nintendo’s handhelds) are looking into “disruptive” new ways to change the traditional gameplay formula for their next Pokemon project which is currently in development for the Nintendo Switch. (Watch from the 55:40 mark onwards).

The studio apparently have been inspired by the massive successes of Nintendo’s recent games – namely, The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild (on Wii U and Switch) and Super Mario Odyssey (on Switch) and would similarly like to introduce new, game-changing mechanics like BOTW did with its focus on open world exploration (in contrast to the traditional dungeon based formula) and Odyssey’s emphasis on experimentation using the unique Capture mechanic (which allows Mario to possess and control most enemies).

What do you make of this? Any new changes that you would like to see made in the series’ traditional turn-based formula?

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