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The time for breathtaking adventures in the darkest Aventurian dungeons is near: The fantasy co-op multiplayer role-playing game The Dark Eye: Book of Heroes by Random Potion and Wild River Games will be released on Tuesday, June 9, 2020 for PC at a price of 29.99 EUR on Steam.

In The Dark Eye: Book of Heroes, players create and develop their own characters, adding a unique backstory to their hero before they set out to seek their fortune in groups of up to four players. The gameplay is based on a thorough recreation of the largest German role-playing ruleset The Dark Eye. It allows the players to experience a captivating adventure that creates a real pen&paper atmosphere in the fantastic universe of one of the most famous and storied role-playing games of all time.

“The Dark Eye: Book of Heroes has everything that makes for a good role-playing game and it’s simply fun; we’re very proud of that,” says Marc Wardenga, Managing Director of Wild River Games, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Telepool Group. “One of our primary objectives was to be in tune with the great tradition of The Dark Eye world. We are sure that the fans and all those who love great fantasy RPGs will love our game.”

“What was most important to us was to create a compelling multiplayer gaming experience that feels like real pen&paper. The world of Aventuria is the perfect setting for this because it is so rich and has inspired us beyond measure. We are very pleased with the result,” says Arto Koistinen, creative director at Random Potion.

The Dark Eye: Book of Heroes Key Features

  • Exciting multiplayer co-op mode with up to 4 players
  • Singleplayer mode with 8 individual storylines and personal quests
  • Authentic roleplaying experience through a consistent adaptation of pen&paper rules
  • Randomly generated adventures and maps for endless replayability
  • 4 playable species: elves, half elves, dwarves and humans
  • 12 playable professions, e.g. Assassin, Mercenary, Blessed One of Rondra, Knight or Black Magician
  • Pen&paper style fighting system
  • Extensive character development with hand-painted Inrah cards
  • Crafting of weapons and equipment
  • Legendary and rare items
  • Personal treasure chest for own items
  • Based on the popular The Dark Eye rulebook (5th edition)
  • Original world map of the Aventurian Middle Kingdom

More information about The Dark Eye: Book of Heroes is available on the Wild River webseite, on FacebookTwitter and Instagram. Sign up here to add The Dark Eye: Book of Heroes to your wishlist on Steam.


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