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Outer Brain Launch ‘GUILT’, a Multiplayer Survival RPG on Kickstarter

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Dark Light

Outer Brain Studios has launched a Kickstarter campaign for their multiplayer third-person survival action RPG GUILT. The Kickstarter campaign is asking for $14,500 to fund the rest of development and server costs for online multiplayer testing. The Kickstarter wraps on 4 June and the team are targeting October 2019 for the game’s Early Access launch.

GUILT is a multiplayer third-person survival action RPG set in a gritty, dark fantasy world of bone and misery. Players will explore the seemingly endless Trail of Bones, fending off nightmarish threats and encountering other players at random. The game combines meaningful multiplayer interactions with deep roguelike gameplay into a deliciously dark cocktail of adventure, tension, and emergent storytelling.

GUILT is not a traditional party-based multiplayer RPG, nor is it just another randomly generated hack ‘n’ slash game. You will begin your journey alone, but through its dedicated server matchmaking system, you will be paired with other adventurers traveling the same sinister path… Without any knowledge of their personal goals or motives. GUILT features fully open player vs player combat at all times, as well as perma-death and severely limited meta-progression.

In the words of the developers, “GUILT’s core minute-to-minute gameplay focuses on tight and responsive stamina-based combat. We love slower and more deliberate combat systems that utilize careful timing and positioning, but we also wanted to capture the accessible pacing of a “hack ‘n’ slash” game and the reflex-driven action of bullet-hell shoot ’em ups.”

There are no party or group systems in GUILT. You will always start fresh by yourself and when you encounter other players (fewer others to begin with; larger numbers later) you will have to find your own ways to communicate. You might be able to summon help from a friend, but only if you’re lucky enough to come across the required items for the ritual. This means, for a while at least, you will be alone and at the mercy of the travelers you encounter, and if you wish to make any progress you will need to make a few fast allies.

GUILT will also be fully playable in singleplayer, but the core of the dev’s efforts will go towards making the emergent multiplayer as engaging as possible. The devs will later add the ability to host LAN games and release the dedicated server software. Even if the servers go down you will be able to play with your friends forever.

To find out more about GUILT and to back it, visit the official Kickstarter page. There’s also a pre-alpha demo for you guys to try.

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