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No Man’s Sky was pretty much one of the most anticipated games of the year and has fallen flat on it’s face due to many factors. Many comparisons have been drawn to the game, Spore which released in 2008 and was in a similar situation.

In a recent turn of events, according to Steam stats, Spore has more concurrent players than No Man’s SKy On Steam. This was reported yesterday on the sub-reddit r/gaming when players started noticing the difference. Spore had about 3946 concurrent players while No Man’s Sky has dropped down to 2695 at the time of writing and this gap has only increased since then. That is about just 1% of the total players left, considering that the game has only been released for a month and it’s really messy.

There are no stats available for the player count on PS4. So how many of you PC gamers out there are No Man’s Sky? Are you still enjoying it? Let us know in the comments below.

  1. Still play it. 70+ hours and still in starter system but obviously play les than when first got game.

    Only annoying thing is trying to google up hints/info/posts from other actual players as all you get is threadnauts full of trolls big noting themselves by dissing the game.

    1. I have a warm turd I could sell you for $60. Stare at it for 70 hours, and you would give that a great review also I am sure.

  2. I own the PC version on Steam, but I have been focused on the PS4 version so far. I started in with that version on release day, and since the PC version continued to have issues well after its release, I decided to continue playing my PS4 version which I have well over 100 hours invested in now.

    While my high end gaming rig will no doubt run the game much better than the PS4 can, I have decided to hold off jumping onto the PC version until the Base Building and Freighter owning update comes out.

    I know a lot of gamers who bought NMS on both platforms, and many of my friends are also focused on the PS4 version right now, even though we all own the PC version too.

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