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Polish cyberpunk shooter  ruiner  of the Warsaw studio  Reikon  and publisher  Devolver Digital  is fast approaching on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. The premiere is already September 26 and on this occasion the creators have prepared a new trailer for the game, which discovers new brutal bosses, some information about each of them are below:

Heavy Cyborg
Still unfinished, one of the first and best projects of NagaShiwa Corps. Different models are modeled on other animals and are armed with various tools of extermination – from claws of adamantium to grenades. The fond of the masses is the mythical Minotaur. Slow but extremely powerful – these cyborgs will be able to rip each one to pieces.

is as mysterious as most Triad soldiers, no one knows where he came from. He has many names, but on the international list of terrorists INTERPOL is under the pseudonym  Shadow . No one has been accused of murdering him. Now sought for mass crimes against humanity.

Captain Bogdan
A war criminal wanted for the execution of civilians during the uprising in the Balkans in 2054. Although his cybernetic improvements are outdated, the captain himself is frightfully effective. Also sought for assault with arms in hand, delusion and beating

Giant machine with the awareness that powers the whole network of Heaven security. It can take control of almost any electronic device or machine in the environment to which it is connected. He has a very brutal, even sadistic personality. She loves playing with her victims before she kills them. Its power is infinite.

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