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Many games, the more prominent ones being Counter Strike : Global Offensive, with their operations, and Fortnite with their tiered leveling up pass (that has to be leveled up to unlock rewards) have successfully implemented cosmetics without including the random element of luck in it. Rocket League joins the fray, with their “Rocket Pass”.

The “Rocket Pass” allows you to unlock cosmetic by earning XP and leveling up. Every level up of the Rocket Pass grants certain cosmetics, which are eligible to be equipped immediately. There are two version of the pass – a free one, which unlocks smaller cosmetics, and has no cost attached with it, and a premium one, which unlocks a greater number of cosmetics, but has a flat cost which needs to be paid before leveling up.

Each pass lasts a few months, before a new pass comes and adds new content to unlock. While it is not extensively made clear if the pass is a one-time purchase or not, rumor has it that a purchased pass only lasts for a few months in which it was bought.

The “Rocket Pass” sounds similar to Fortnite’s Battle Pass, but will there be quests and other ways to level up faster? Guess we’ll get to know in the coming months. For now, we can rest easy that there is no element of luck in the “Rocket Pass” – you know what you unlock before hand.

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