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So what is Project Genom? Well according to the Steam page it is described as:

Project Genom is an open world, non-target sci-fi MMO with an innovative character progression system. Pilot a walking robot, transform your body’s DNA, use various kinds of high tech, build spaceships and explore new worlds!’

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OeLd0WXqN7M]

Project Genom will let you participate in the battle for the survival of humankind. Having destroyed their own planet, humans have found a new home and a seemingly happy life on Avalon. But people are not the only ones who liked the place. What attracted to this planet the mysterious almer? More evolved, more powerful, and united, they destroyed human forces wherever they clashed. It seemed there was no hope left, but the tides of time bring new heroes, and you have a chance to become one! Defend your race and stand up for what you believe in, feel the new power that humanity will come to possess with Project Genom.

It has a live game universe that abides by its own laws and rules. Immerse yourself in the world of tomorrow and high technologies. Improve your crafting skills and get a chance to create unique items. Excel in obtaining ingredients and sell them at the highest price. Unveil the mysteries of the planet exploring the vast open world with multiple locations but stay away from nests and their aggressive inhabitants. Remember, your every discovery can not only give new knowledge to humanity but also trigger a disaster.

AS of writing this article, 69% percent have approved of this game among the Steam purchasers, and for almost all people, the distinct problem is the polishing with most reviews saying that the game is early for even Early Access. AS for me personally, I would definitely like to try this game out. I have never dove into many MMORPGs, but this is one which I think I will dive into, it looks pretty interesting. What do you guys think about the game? Have you played it? Let us know in the comments below.

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