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Simulation game Rise of Industry, developed by Dapper Penguin Studios and published by Kasedo Games, launches today on Steam and GOG in Early Access. The game was in internal testing by kickstarter backers as well as streamers and influencers since its announcement in Kickstarter. The game marks the journey of an industrialist in the late 20’s, and move towards the creation of a large industrial empire spanning across numerous in-game regions.

The following new features are added for the version in Early Access release :

  • Dynamic Economy: Ever fluctuating world supply and demand dictate global prices for goods
  • Shops 3.0: New supply and demand mechanics will keep you on your toes
  • New UI: Fresh look for Early Access
  • New Main Menu: More improvements up-front
  • New Music & SFX: Brand new soundtrack 
  • New Train Behaviour: A complete revamp puts less emphasis on train signaling
  • Events: Random events can help or hinder your progress
  • Tutorial: Start-up company? The guided tutorial will help you get you going
  • Zeppelins: New high-capacity, high-cost transport

Watch the launch trailer here, and gear up for taking up the reigns of capitalism since its inception!

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