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Fans of the beloved pc classic System Shock is no doubt disappointed with how things are going with Nightdive’s official remake. But no reason to fret. An unofficial remake by a fan named JosiahJack is shaping up nicely and is targeting a beta release of Q3 2018. The remake titled Citadel is a faithful remake of the original game System Shock created in 1994 by Looking Glass Studios and is being made in Unity 5. According to the developer, the purpose of this recreation is to present the story of the original to a wider audience, provide an enjoyable experience to a new generation of hackers, and keep true to the original style.

As JosiahJack claimed, this project is now 80% complete and the team aims to release its first version on September 22nd, 2018. According to its creator, the team needs to finish enemies (currently at 50% though most are only modeled), finish weapon item models, place all doors, place all objects, place all enemies, add mission logic, fix some hardware functions, finish automap behavior and finish making enhanced level geometry.

JosiahJack has also released a video showing a short sequence from Citadel;

Citadel will also include support for cooperative play and deathmatch. After release, all assets, tools, editors, and source code will be available so that new levels or mods can be created. You can check out the progress of the project here. 

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