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Electronic_Arts_logoEA a.k.a Electronic Arts was at E3 this year, just like they are every other time. But with the new consoles hitting the market this year, it gives extra special edge to conferences and Electronic Arts was no exception. So what did the “Most Evil Company” in the world had to showcase, at probably the most important E3 of the decade, lets find out.

There were the usual offerings. Fifa’14 and Madden 25 were there, with UFC joining their ranks. EA has always been known for its sport titles, and this year would showcase a new engine known as IGNITE. The engine is supposed to create more lively environments, more balanced AI and much more realistic physics. Heard all of this before, so have I. The guys at Xbox360Achievments think these are pretty neat. Check out the UFC trailer below:

Dragon Age: Inquisition, was also on display at E3, with a cool ass trailer. The game which has been shelved again and again by BioWare, should finally see the light of the gaming screens come 2014. Talking of shelved games, Mirror’s Edge makes a comeback, and get confirmed by EA too. It is important to note that both of these games would not be direct sequels to their franchise, instead they maybe different stories or even reboots. Check out the Drangon’s Age Inquisition announcement trailer below:

Another game that got a “blink and miss” trailer at EA’s conference was that of Star Wars: Battlefront. Most of you would know that the Star Wars franchise was recently sold to EA, and they basically cancelled all Star Wars games in development (including Star Wars:1313). This new game hopes to merge 2 of the biggest franchise that EA own, and create a new blockbuster. For starters, they have a huge fan base for both brand names, which would gobble up anything thrown at them. Check out the minuscule trailer below:

We cannot close an EA conference without talking about Battlefield. Specially when the new Battlefield looks so good. Battlefield 4 was officially announced at E3 2013, with Electronic Arts and DICE showing off the new Frostbite engine. There has been a lot of talk about the “Collapsing building” in that particular trailer, and all of it is well deserved. If you haven’t checked it out yet, do it now below:

It has to be noted, that none of the games above are next-gen exclusives. All of them would be available on all possible platforms available on God’s Green Earth.

Ok, so lets move from gaming for a while, and talk about EA’s online pass policies. Right before E3, EA decided to do away with online passes, looking all goody and nice while doing it. Most of the gaming world didn’t buy it though, and took it as yet another proof of Microsoft’s DRM policies, which were rumors at that time. This was confirmed at E3, when Microsoft came out with their used game fees and strict DRM policies. After the uproar and the PR nightmare that Microsoft had; the DRM policies in the XBox One were abandoned; and EA was left high and dry. Every self righteous gamer now looked at EA, and waited for them to respond. They had so cleverly said that Online Passes were abolished due to customer feedback, now with the DRM gone would EA eat its own words.

Thankfully, they didn’t. Electronic Arts, decided against not reviving Online passes, in a customer friendly step. Nobody has second thoughts about the fact that EA are a greedy evil company, and they know EA would like nothing better than to squeeze more money out of you. But for the time being they can’t, not through online passes at least. And in the celebration of that, you can check out Electronic Arts E3 2013 conference in full below:

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