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Tuned-Out Games, advised by ToeJam & Earl co-creator Greg Johnson, launched their Kickstarter campaign for the retro-inspired, thrilling roguelite shooter, Demons Ate My Neighbors!, which runs through Thursday, Oct. 15. The DAMN! team seeks $199,100 to bring players back to 1991 and fully develop the nostalgic co-op cult arcade classic for Windows PC and Nintendo Switch™ for release in Q4 2021.

Demons Ate My Neighbors! features full two-player couch co-op full of surprises – including the antagonizing Mr. Out!! Voiced by everyone’s favorite ‘90s party monster. This TV-faced enigma is always watching, so players may want to purify the possessed with a pal instead of playing home, alone. The Big Bad ‘Wolf Among Us’ lead voice actor Adam Harrington howls as Sheriff Pickens, while Sonic Mania composer Tee Lopes leads the jammin’ soundtrack with platinum record producer Varien and New York Rapper Papoose.

1991’s summer scorches the sleepy Fairweather Valley suburbs. April, a posh bad-ass city girl, and Joey, a delinquent with a heart of gold, looked forward to chilling before a cursed VHS made summer school somehow worse and unleashed the collective nightmares of their generation upon their helpless burb. Totally uncool.

Grab a partner, a trusty Splasha holy squirt gun and pump it to build up pressure for maximum demon drenching, or Overpump it for a massive splash blast to soak the spawn of evil. Swap nozzles to change attack patterns and level up your stats with Nitro Splashtanks and other household upgrades found along the ever-changing way.

Never get lost with the RadWatch – the Radical Radar Radio watch built to track the VHS villains who stand between April, Joey and their summer, powered by the demonic energy enemies release when liberated from their wack monster bodies. Spray, pray, and find the way.

Possessed neighbors leave the pair with only three choices: DAMN, DELIVER, or DIE. Defeat Tuned-Out Citizens with lethal weaponry to DAMN them forever, or drain their recharging stamina with a sanctified Splasha arsenal to DELIVER them from evil. Infinite rewinds encourage different tactics, so play nice or tear up the neighborhood while collecting VHS tokens from bosses to unlock permanent upgrades for future attempts.

Help bring to life an homage to campy cool ‘80s / ‘90s teen horror and classic gaming where 16-bit characters merge seamlessly into a top-down 3D world. Pledges start at $5 to join the @Watch and be immortalized in-game – $15 for a digital copy of Demons Ate My Neighbors!, with tiers going all the way up to $3,000 for the opportunity to design a neighbor miniboss. Keep an eye out for stretch goals ranging from next-gen console ports to iconic guest appearances, and maybe even some funky bosses from out-of-this-world.

“We are freakin’ PUMPED to take you back to funky 1991 with thrills, chills, and challenging co-op chaos that remixes and expands on the movies, games, and cartoons we bonded over and cherished as kids. Games bridge generations and bring people together,” said Kian Matthew Naderi, Game Director at Tuned-Out Games. “The same passion that formed Tuned-Out Games, we want to deliver to the world – we need it now more than ever, we would be honored if you lent us your spirit energy to make Demon’s Ate My Neighbors! one hell of a game!”

Demons Ate My Neighbors!, will launch in Q4 2021 on Nintendo Switch and Windows PC with support for English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, and Japanese. To learn more, please visit the Demons Ate My Neighbors!’ official website, join the Discord, and follow the game on TwitterFacebookInstagram, and Twitch.

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