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Ubisoft have officially taken off the curtains from the first operation of Year 4 of Rainbow Six : Siege. This time, players are going to journey to the Land Down Under and take control of two new characters from the SASR, a special regiment of the Australian armed forces. This includes a new Attacker that “will keep roaming defenders on their toes”, and a new Defender that “will leave attackers at a bit of a loss”. The new operation will also feature a new map in the Australian red desert itself.

                                                                            The operation had been teased by Ubisoft well before the update, with a picture of a Kangaroo highlighting the theme for the next operation to be Australia. Fans have been adamant about getting Australian operators for quite some time, and it is interesting to see that the developers actually listen to the community discussions.


There have been a few leaks, which suggest the names of the new operators to be Gridlock and Mozzie. The translation of the lines on the leak say “Gridlock and Mozzie met at a teenage robot competition. A few years later, Mozzie persuaded Grid to join the Defense Force. They work together since they were summoned to handle one of the most serious fires of the century.” The leaks suggest that Gridlock’s gadget is a special gadget that damages nearby enemies while emitting an audible alarm, effectively locking down defender rotations. Mozzie’s gadget is used to hijack attacker drones, acting as an effective way to prevent enemies from getting info about enemy locations.

The leaks have not been confirmed, but Ubisoft’s description of the operators suggest that there might be some truth in the leaks.

The official reveal takes place on February 17 on the Rainbow Six Twitch channel during the Rainbow Six Invitationals in Montreal.

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