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Hyderabad had its fair share of esports action when the FIFA qualifiers organized by LudusPro in association with Jackpott – The King of all Deals. Hyderabad was pretty underrated as an esports city, resulting in fewer organized tournaments in the city. However, the city is filled to the filled to the brim with talent, which was seen in the numbers at the registration desk for the FIFA qualifiers at Xtreme Sports Bar. The game was played in the format of a League, with the winner of each group qualifying for the playoffs.

The playoffs heralded Vivek Jonnalgadda and Raheel Khan as challengers, eventually leading to Raheel’s victory in the final match. Raheel is surprisingly determined, attending the event even though he had an exam the next day. Raheel is the Hyderabad champion, and will be travelling to Lion’s Den,Gir, for the national finals.

Raheel Khan

The winner will get his apparel from Cranium Apparel shortly. Xtreme Rock Cafe’s smooth execution made people thoroughly enjoy the game and the ambience of the place under the pressure of the tournament.

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