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The recent cheating controversy regarding the Extremesland 2018 doesn’t appear to end. A fresh investigation (via Spieltimes) into forsaken’s performance at the ESL India Premiership has yielded irrefutable proof that the player was hacking during the Fall Finale of the Premiership.

Every player is allowed to bring an SSD to configure visual settings, key bindings, mouse and keyboard settings and anything else which can be customized. A close look into the SSD provided to forsaken for the tournament yielded the same ‘word.exe’ hack that was detected at Extremesland 2018.

ESL India is yet to make a statement on the matter, though being under the regulations of the ESIC, brutal penalties are expected.

The saga started a few years back when Team IYATI raised objections of cheating against forsaken, when he was punished with a ban for 6 months (reduced from 2 years on the lack of proper evidence of cheating). Following that, numerous tournaments saw suspicious plays from him, but till now, no concrete evidence had been found. Considering the current circumstances, Nikhil ‘forsaken’ Kumawat’s career in esports is all but over.

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