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Paid DLC’s you hate them or you learn to live with them. What a glorious time it was when games actually came with everything that you’d expect a game to have rather than being sold as a $30 DLC pack that unlocks the hard difficulty mode and adds some new costumes.  The state of DLC’s is worse than ever before with some games almost urging players to buy the DLC to get the full epicene which is not only bad for the consumers but for the gaming industry itself.

Why Are Paid DLC’s A Bad Business Practice?

As the use of DLC’s becomes more common, publishers are using different ways to implement them in their games. In most cases, gamers are willing to pay a little extra or even pay the full price of the original game so long as it’s justified. But in cases where the content of the DLC is already in the downloaded game or the Disc for the game you bought is not just unjustified but is rather more like extortion. Such DLC’s undermine the trust of the consumer in the company but also turn away potential buyers.

DLC’s like this are even looked down upon by critics and game viewers which also results in bad publicity especially when you’re selling content that should have already been the part of the base game.

Are All DLC Bad?

When it comes down to it, not all DLC are inherently bad or harm the experience of the game. DLC’s that make the game easier by offering in-game purchases to a player or offer a core story or game element of the game as DLC are without a doubt worse kind of DLC but there are some DLC that are acceptable and encouraged by consumers but these games are few and hard to find.

For example, games like Sims 4 do the exact opposite. Sims 4 in particular, cut off multiple parts of the game that were supposed to be part of the base game making the open world sandbox of the Sims into a DLC catalog in a shoebox.

You can even take Battlefield 1’s recent example, yes they keep adding more weapons and maps and to a point that is fine. But what it eventually leads to is a fragmented community of players many whom will never play each other because they don’t own the same DLC packs. This cannot be good for any game community.

There are multiple examples of DLC’s taking away from the base game along with DLC’s required to fix the issues found in the game itself! These are the reasons why paid DLC’s are looked down upon by the fair share of consumers that want a game to be worth the money the pay for it.

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