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With the not-so-much success of Watch Dogs and delays of games, FarCry 4 had some shoes to fill in for UbiSoft. Launched in November 2014, the game is similar and in some aspects, different to FarCry 3. We look in this article some key elements of the game.



The player plays as the protagonist of the game, Ajay Ghale, who lands himself into the land of Kyrat in order to fulfill his late mother Ishwari Ghale’s last wish of dispersing her ashes into Lakshamana, a river in Kyrat. Kyrat is located in Himalayas and offers a backdrop of India and Tibet. Ajay’s journey begins with troubles as he finds himself captured in a Fortress of Pagan Min, the Antagonist who preys upon the innocent and dictates on the people of Kyrat. Ajay, whose main motive was finding Lakshmana and going back to States, now has to lead the Golden Path because his father Mohan Ghale was deeply attached to it and always fought for the people of Kyrat. Ajay’s endurace and will power is now tested as he completes the objectives given by different characters of the game such as Bhadra, Hurk etc.


The game offers same gameplay  like FarCry 3 but has a lot to explore when compared to FarCry3. The Side Missions are both fun and immersive. They keep us busy throughout the timeline which doesn’t makes the game dull at any given point. Some weapons such as AK, Crossbow make their place in this iteration of FarCry again with the addition of Harpoon gun. Grappling the steep mountains makes the traverse in the map easy and fun. Gyrocopter is the best way to have a look at the gorgeous map and feels amazing. Riding Elephants and charging them ON enemies will make you feel like a BOSS. The game is a big improvement over FarCry 3 when it comes to these awesome features. Slaying animals for Skin will also give you a “Bait”, which can be used to lure predators against enemies when you want to finish jobs such as OutPosts and Fortresses in Stealth. Talking about Fortresses, once again an addition to FarCry3, those are the Big-Daddy version of Outposts. Hard to capture because of extra defense, they also reward you with Extra XP. Combat and Skills are more or less same as FarCry3. Background music has an Indian touch to it which does justice to the geographical location. The dialogues in the game are in Hindi and English both.


Open World game based on Dunia 2 Engine. If FarCry 3 made you drop your jaw, then the jaw will definitely drop a bit inches more when you witness the beauty of FarCry4. Use a Car, A Gyrocopter, A Wingsuit or a Glider to take some screenshots of the dangerous  yet beautiful world of Kyrat. Day Night transitions are here to stay and they add to the beauty of the game during Sunset and Sunrise. HUD gets a nice improvement from the previous FarCry and even the Main Menu  can make you fall in love with this game if you’re a fan of some neat artwork.


Game is a must buy because of the fun it offers. Story gets dull at some points but the side missions keep you occupied throughout the game. UbiSoft could’ve done some extra efforts to make the game optimised as consumers find it tough to run on their system on same settings when we compare it to FarCry3. The game says it’s time for an upgrade if you want to run in to Very High or nVidia branded “NVIDIA” settings.

PRO-TIP : Stay cautious when dealing with Honey Badgers. Those mean little cute bastards are hard to kill.

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