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Warframe is Booming. The game is rapidly gaining insanely high popularity as it evolves. According to me, Warframe is not just a game to play for fun but it’s a game for the grind. It takes a lot of hard work and time to be spent in this game to understand the nuances of its systems. As you keep playing, Warframe keeps getting tougher and complicated. One such complication is Crafting in Warframe. So in this article, I will be explaining everything that you need to know about Warframe Crafting. This is Warframe Crafting 101. 

Warframe Crafting 101 – A Beginner’s Guide to Crafting

There are four parts to Warframe Crafting, they are

  1. Blueprints
  2. Resources
  3. Research
  4. Relics and Prime Parts

Warframe Crafting 101 – Blueprints

Blueprints are the plans that are used to create Warframes, Weapons, Sentinel, Skins, Helmet, Clan Key, Orokin Catalysts and Orokin Reactors. Blueprints are better than purchasing the item directly from the market with Platinum because it’s is rare and expensive. There are blueprints for everything in the game and these blueprints will let you know the required credits, resources and time to build the equipment in the foundry. 

There are many ways you can obtain blueprints, these are some of the best ways to get blueprints in Warframe,

  • You can purchase blueprints in the market with credits by clicking on the item and then click on the Credits button in the top right to build the item. 
  • You can receive Blueprint as a Daily Tribute reward in the game. 
  • Replicate the researching technology from the Clan Dojo. 
  • You can get Blueprints By completing the mission and by defeating the respective bosses in those missions. 

Warframe Crafting 101 – Resources

Resources play a crucial factor in Warframe crafting. Resources are items which drop from all the missions around the star chart. Resources are used for crafting or manufacturing items in the foundry with blueprints. Almost every resource can be found from the star chart missions other than Orokin Cells. 

There are seven types of resources in Warframe, they are 

  • Common Resources
  • Uncommon Resources
  • Rare Resources
  • Research Resources
  • Navigators
  • Minerals
  • Fish

Common Resources

Common Resource is a type of resources which are very commonly found everywhere. Not only commonly found but they are in huge quantities, bulkier in the game. These common resources are found in lockers, enemies elimination, breakables, and bosses. 

Uncommon Resources

As the name suggests, Uncommon Resource is a type of resource which is found in moderate quantities like 10 to 40 or sometimes more which is quite rare. Uncommon Resources are dropped from Lockers, Breakables, Enemies, and Bosses.

Rare Resources

Rare Resource is a type of resources which are found rarely in the game. This type of resources are dropped rarely and in super low quantity more like a couple or 3 or 4 resources. Rare resources are dropped from bosses from difficult missions or a high mastery level enemies and storage lockers and containers. 

Research Resources

Research Resources are the type of resources can be identified pretty quickly due to its very distinctive blue color. Research Resources are dropped from common enemies in low quantities. Research Resources are used for Research purposes in Warframe.

Navigators are the type of resources which are in the form of orbs. These orbs can be used to build a variety of keys. Navigators can be commonly found and at the same time rare depending on a lot of factors and situations. 


Minerals are the type of resources which are acquired through mining in the Orb Vallis and Plains of Eidolon. These minerals can be converted into cut gems and alloys which can be used for building equipment in Cetus and Fortuna.


Fish is a type of resources which is acquired through Fishing in the Orb Vallis and Plains of Eidolon. These fish resources are used for building equipment purchased in Cetus and Fortuna and also mining. Minerals and Fish are very much connected together. 

Warframe Crafting 101: Research

Research is the process of using the materials to create unique weapons and items within the Clan Dojo. Clan Dojo is the home base for a clan. I am sure that you would have heard about the Oracle Room. Firstly Oracle Room has been built before any of the labs and other researches.

These lab rooms represent a separate area of research for different types of weapons and items. All the projects are done on these research labs take around 36 to 72 hours to research and come up with the result. Once the research is complete, tenno will be able to purchase blueprints from those respective research labs. 

The different types of Research Labs are

  • Bio Labs
  • Chem Labs
  • Energy Labs
  • Tenno Labs 
  • Orokin Labs

Warframe Crafting 101: Relics and Prime Parts

Warframe Relics Farming is a huge thing in the Warframe. These Relics are used to manufacture Prime Weapons and Prime Warframes.

There are fours types of Relics in Warframe, They are

  1. Axi
  2. Neo
  3. Lith 
  4. Meso


Axi Relics is one of the primary types of relics in Warframe. Axi Relics can be found on Xini and Eris. These two places are infested and filled with infested enemies so you need to eliminate them for these Axi Relics. The Drop chances of Axi Relics are 100% for an Axi Relic on Rotation A and B and 14.29% each for every other Axi relic found after that. 


Neo Relics are very similar to Axi with a tileset of Akkad. Akkad is a known XP Farming spot where people goto to level up with less time. Neo can be found on Xini and Eris the same place where Axi is also farmed. The drop chances of Neo Relics are 66.66% for a Neo Relics and 11.11% each for every other relic on that rotation. 


Lith is one of those relics which is commonly farmed during solo matches. Lith can be found on Orokin Derelict Survival or Orokin Derelict Defense and Hepit Capture on the void. The drop chances are 75% for a lith relic and 12.5% for every other relic on rotation A. 


Meso is the most commonly found relic and it has small tileset of IO. Meso can be found on IO and Jupiter. The Drop Chances are 85.74% for Meso Relic and 14.29% each for every other relic on Rotation A. 

Wrapping Up!

I hope that this Warframe Crafting 101 was really helpful to you. This article is written for Beginner so that they can understand this critical crafting information. If you feel that this information was helpful then please do share it with your Warframe friends and comment down if you have any doubts or feedback. 

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