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Hours after EA filed a trademark for the title of the upcoming Plants vs. Zombies game, the announcement trailer has been leaked online.

The leak comes from a Twitter user @ScopesUncharted who also got invited for the recently held closed alpha test by EA. He has been since been leaking tiny bits about the game on his Twitter account.

He uploaded the Announcement Trailer on Twitter but seems like it caught EA’s attention and since then it’s been reduced to atoms. (Let’s just hope EA doesn’t pull a 2K and put investigators on his tail)

But worry not, as the user later re-uploaded it to YouTube which you can watch here:



If it has been taken down again, by the time you’re reading this, you can still find it on VK.

Also, according to the leaker, this is not another Battle Royale game. Rather it’s more like Garden Warfare 2 with a lot of new stuff, basically GW 3 without the GW branding. If you ask me about why’d they go for a different title then, it’s probably because of the not-so-well reputation of the GW series. But what actually matters is the content, and judging from what we know till now, it definitely seems interesting.

The game is set to launch this year, as previously reported in EA’s financial report. Stay tuned for more info!

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