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Overkill Software announced their collaboration with the biggest Heisters in movie history! Reservoir Dogs is coming to PAYDAY 2. It’s time to wear your best suit, clean those good old guns and get out there to steal some diamonds!

The new heist adds a new weapon, the Union 5.56 Rifle, a new melee weapon, the Alabama Razor, and new masks and sunglasses for players. The update also adds the following changes –


  • Fixed so that Ace of Spades, Javelins and Shurikens no longer disappear if you are a client and throw them at team AI


  • Brooklyn 10-10
    • Added collision so that the player won’t get stuck behind a door in the corridor between the courtyards
  • First World Bank
    • Fixed an issue that could block progression if you went loud by using a keycard at a specific moment
  • Green Bridge
    • Fixed an issue with the enemy AI staying under the bridge instead of moving on top of it
    • Fixed an issue where shields could sometimes do double animations for climbing up on the bridge when being staggered
    • Added a waypoint for where you have to go when you escort the prisoner
  • Heat Street
    • Fixed so that players are no longer able to run in front of the van in the beginning of the level
  • Hotline Miami Day 1
    • Fixed the issue with too many snipers spawning
    • Fixed an issue with enemies not going in to one of the rooms on the second floor
    • Fixed a location where the player could get stuck down in the basement
  • Nightclub
    • Fixed an issue where bags could be thrown up onto a ledge that the player could not reach

The trailer of the latest DLC can be found below-

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