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Fool’s Theory & IMGN.PRO has announced that, Seven: The Days Long Gone, the open-world, isometric RPG is going to get the Enhanced Edition treatment on March 26.

Originally, Seven was supposed to receive a free expansion titled the Drowned Past but the developers have since decided to release a free Enhanced Edition upgrade for the game which will contain Drowned Past along with a slew of new features.

In Drowned Past, the player will run into the Enclave, a ragtag group of mysterious vagabonds who have discovered the mythological sunken vessel and are exploring it in the hopes of unearthing riches. But things that are buried are buried for a good reason, as Teriel and the Enclave will discover. With that, the original game will get an array of new opponents, weapons, outfits, crafting schematics and skills, resulting in the addition of over 7 hours of gameplay to the base game.

Anyone who already owns Seven: The Days Long Gone on PC will be able to upgrade the game to the new edition on the launch day for free and Seven: Enhanced Edition will debut for PS4 on the same day.

 Seven: The Days Long Gone, was originally released for Windows PC on December 1st, 2017.

Main Features:

  • 3D Isometric RPG
  • Rich, interwoven storyline
  • Combat: multiple styles allow for players to be creative in how they tackle obstacles
  • Hero Progression System: based purely on skill and equipment; progression unlocks new upgradable skills
  • AI Reactions: NPCs are responsive to actions
  • Open world perfect for exploration
  • Brand new climbing system
  • Stunning environments
  • Play Your Way – Stealth or brute force, freedom of choice
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