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Days Gone PC trailer has just made its entrance and it didn’t come empty-handed. Set to launch on May 18, Days Gone will feature widescreen support, unlocked frame rates, Super-resolution photo mode, and more.

Days Gone, first launched as an exclusive to PlayStation 4 in 2019 has finally made its way to the PC player base. The game is set to launch on Steam as well as Epic Game Store at a price tag of 2,999INR, therefore players are free to get the game on their preferred digital market medium. Days Gone will not just be a copy-paste PC port, and instead will have many changes made to it, so that it feels better and plays better. One of those features includes 21:9 widescreen support. Therefore, people owning curved or just normal widescreen monitors can take advantage of this game in maximum resolution, this may even apply for merged multiple monitor setups. And as you must have figured it out by now, Days Gone will have unlocked frame rates. This means, there will be no frame rate caps for the people who want the game to go beyond limits. Lastly, the game will also feature, improved details, better foliage, and Super Resolution Photo Mode, to capture every detail while you get the picture-perfect screenshot.

Days Gone is one of the most popular hits of the PlayStation exclusives, and with its PC launch, more people can now have their hands on it. But will it keep itself up to the hype or fall into the list of broken ports? It will all be revealed, when Days Gone will officially release on May 18.


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