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In the run-up to the digital reveal events for the next-gen consoles, we’ve seen quite a few leaks in the last few days. We’ve learned quite a few things about the Microsoft conference – the most important leak being that they would be holding two conferences this year. Things have been awfully quiet on Sony’s front sadly – at least for a while. A prominent “leak” – if you like to refer it like that – has emerged about the Playstation 5 console itself.

The patent for the Playstation 5 has been made public. The console is using a cooling system oddly similar to the Wraith Stealth – the cooling solution used in the 3rd generation Ryzen processors.

The diagram clearly shows the heatsink is mounted on what appears to be an AMD Ryzen style CPU pin grid array. It has already been leaked that a custom 3rd generation Ryzen processor powers the console, so this shouldn’t come off as a surprise. A concept design for the actual console hasn’t been made public yet (why would Sony do that and reduce its audience for the reveal event?)

The Playstation 5 console would be officially revealed at a special digital event organized by Sony. We don’t have an exact date yet, but speculations predict it to be on 13th May.

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