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Made-in-India casual battle royale Battle Stars now has over 5 million players worldwide since its launch. To celebrate Independence Day and this milestone, developer SuperGaming has announced that Battle Stars gets a new map inspired by the nation’s capital — Delhi. 

The Battle Stars’ Delhi map features a host of famous landmarks much like the game’s well-received Mumbai map. Key locations include India Gate and Red Fort as well as Presidential House and Connaught Place to name a few. To commemorate Independence Day, players can spot the national tricolour flag on India Gate and Red Fort in Battle Stars on August 15, 2023. The Battle Stars update featuring the Delhi map is live now on the App Store and Google Play.

“Season 2 of Battle Stars saw a staggering 20 million matches played, we wanted to take the experience further by bringing Delhi to the game,” says Christelle D’cruz, Battle Stars Game Lead and co-founder at SuperGaming. “To do this, we visited Delhi to capture its vibe and culture to bring it in-game as well as taking inputs from the community. Our new Squad BR features are also based on community feedback.” 

This isn’t all. Battle Stars is made in collaboration with India’s top gaming YouTuber, Techno Gamerz aka Ujjwal Chaurasia. In previous Battle Stars updates he has worked closely with SuperGaming to develop his playable hero, the Techno Quest, and new skins based on his character. 

Being a Delhiite himself, Techno Gamerz has also lent his expertise and familiarity of the city to the Delhi map. Keen-eyed gamers will be able to spot his house in it soon. 

Other new additions to the map include location-specific sound effects for a more immersive gameplay experience such as the hustle and bustle of traffic in Connaught Place or the buzzing crowds at India Gate. Furthermore, players can use new emotes to reflect the local slang of Delhi. 

This is just the beginning of Battle Stars’ journey to bring the best of Delhi into the game. More updates to the Delhi map and the game itself will be made available in the weeks to come. Stay tuned to Battle Stars’ social media accounts and join the Discord to know more: 




Along with the new Delhi map, Battle Stars gets some new gameplay options based on player feedback. Dubbed as Squad BR, these include the ability to play the battle royale mode in Trios (letting you jump with two friends or two random players), get Star Crates for power-ups, and grab loot off eliminated players. 

What is battle Stars?

Battle Stars’ Season 2 recently concluded with players competing for the top spot on the leaderboard for the ultimate bragging rights. In these four weeks, Battle Stars players have clocked in around 20 million matches played with over 41 million kills.
The number one player on Season 2’s leaderboard has played 5,662 matches.

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