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As part of its commitment to supporting the continued growth of multiplayer stealth-em-up Murderous Pursuits, developer Blazing Griffin launched its major May update today. From an integrated party system, to a whole host of brand new prestige skins for players to unlock as they complete achievements and gain favour with Mr. X, this is only the beginning of what players can expect from Murderous Pursuits in the coming months.

Take a look at the flashy new skins and update in action with these brand new GIFs: https://imgur.com/a/YuDAg8A

For instance, this month’s update focuses on improving the community’s quality of life. With the new integrated party system, players can now link up with their friends, enemies and frenemies in-game, making it easy to jump between murderous matches of mayhem. For the competitive players, a new ranking system has been introduced – prove you’re the best and rise to the top! Couple this with brand new unlockable win screen taunts, Calling Card icons and achievements, and players have even more incentive to get out there and hunt their quarries!Murderous Pursuits’

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