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The news of beloved video game developer Telltale closing their doors took the internet by storm the other day. The cancellation of the ongoing fifth season of the Walking Dead, the upcoming Wolf Among Us season 2 and Netflix’s Stranger Things hit fans like a bullet train.

The Walking Dead fans are especially devastated by the cancellation of the Final Season. Telltale had previously announced that Episode 2 will be the last game in the season, implying that Clementine’s story would come to an abrupt end.

As a ray of hope for the fans and the developers who spent a huge amount of their time making the series what it is today, the official Telltale Games Twitter account stated that a solution to bringing episodes 3 and 4 to fruition is being looked at. “Multiple potential partners” have entered the picture in hopes of salvaging the conclusion of the series. Nothing is set in stone. But it is something, at least. In a related note, we would also love to see the Telltale employees who worked day and night continuously to make the company what it is today get severance pay for their time and efforts. There wouldn’t be a Telltale if it wasn’t for them. But alas, corporate decisions are not ours to take and that’s the saddest ordeal out of all this.

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