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Frictional Games, the renowned developer behind the groundbreaking Amnesia series, announces the strategic rescheduling of its highly anticipated title, Amnesia: The Bunker, now set to launch on May 23rd across PC, Xbox, and PlayStation platforms. This decision is based on two key factors: to allow the team extra time to polish the game to perfection and to strategically avoid releasing during a busy week when multiple other games are hitting the market.

Frictional Games understands the importance of providing players with a high-quality gaming experience and believes that the additional time will ensure the game meets their high standards. Additionally, the revised release date allows players to fully immerse themselves in the Amnesia universe without being overwhelmed by competing game releases.

Amnesia: The Bunker will transform the horror survival genre with an all-new emphasis on player freedom and exploration in a semi-open world – more than a decade after it was redefined by Amnesia: The Dark Descent. During the First World War, Players will explore a French bunker as Henri, a sole-surviving soldier, and attempt to escape the otherwordly Beast that prowls its tunnels and corridors.
Alone with your courage, wits, and the deadly burden of your decisions, carve a path through the Bunker to collect resources and keep the lights on. 

  • Player choice – emergent gameplay in a sandbox horror survival experience
  • Unscripted environment – objects, threats, and resources, change in every playthrough
  • Adaptive horrid threats – an ever-present gruesome creature that stalks the player.  
  • Tactile immersion – all-new levels of interaction with the world through puzzle solving and tool handling
  • Absorbing yet terrifying tale – experience hell on earth in a fictional appalling story
  • Engrossing atmosphere and tension – enhanced lighting effects and carefully designed sound effects for a real horror experience. 

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, follow Frictional Games on Twitter, and browse screenshots and gameplay on their website. Mark your calendars for May 23rd, as Amnesia: The Bunker promises to deliver a pulse-pounding survival adventure when it launches on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation platforms.
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