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Omega Strikers Character Lineup

Odyssey Interactive, the independent game development studio founded by former leads on League of Legends and Teamfight Tactics, has officially launched their debut title Omega Strikers into Open Beta on PC as Season 1 for the free-to-play cross-platform 3v3 knockout striker kicks off. Omega Strikers is off to a quick start as the #1 trending New Release game on Steam as Season 1 adds the next Striker to the roster of vibrant and unique anime-inspired characters with Asher, the unbreakable wall, as well as the new arena map, Funnel.  

The next Striker to enter the arena is Asher, a devoted older sister out of the arena, and an unbreakable wall that can stifle even the strongest advances of the opposing team in the arena. Her abilities include:

  • Primary – Arc Beam: Ready a burst of energy that deals medium hit damage to all enemies in an arc; enemies caught in the center take a heavy hit.

  • Secondary – Breakthrough: Dash forward with your shields raised, stopping on the first enemy struck and dealing a medium hit to nearby opponents.

  • Special – Pathsplitter: Combine both shields and launch them forward as a projectile; if they hit an enemy they expand to create a slow-moving destructible barrier that can repeatedly deal medium damage. 

Omega Strikers will be fully cross-platform when it launches to mobile devices later this year and across all major consoles in 2023.



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