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Black Day sneaks in your calendars for an Early Access release this summer; Discover the game with a trailers and screenshots

Helios Production, French indie studio, is proud to reveal today its shooter: Black Day. Black Day offers a sandbox solo tactical military simulation experience you can tweak at will.


In Black Day, players will have the choice between 6 missions in various environments, with customizable settings (Day / Night, equipment, number and types of enemies) with different difficulties settings going from a fun stealth to a very challenging mission similar to what you can find in ArmA 3.

To succeed in your missions, you will be able to use a complete weapon set including 20 weapons, frag, smoke and EMP grenades. Players will also be able to choose between first and third person view.

Black Day puts forward a realistic gameplay combining stealth and shooting scenes and thanks a random levels generation, players won’t have the same experience twice.

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