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Gears of War 4 is one of the most highly anticipated games being released in 2016, but if you want to play it at 4K you’ll want an NVIDIA Pascal graphics card. Today it was announced that every GeForce GTX 1080 or GTX 1070 graphics card, system, or laptop will come with free copy of Gears Of War 4.

From September 20th to October 30th 2016 every gamer who purchases one of these cards or systems will, in addition to the full PC game download of the game, also receive the title on Xbox One; perfect for any console gamer looking to get into PC Gaming – your saves, achievements and unlocks are fully synced between the two versions.

Gears of War 4 follows the story of JD Fenix, the son of legendary war hero Marcus Fenix, After an attack on their village, JD and his friends, Kait and Del, must go out into the wilds of Sera to rescue the ones they love from a monstrous new enemy, known as the Swarm.

Here’s a Gears of War 4 4K GeForce GTX 1080 PC Gameplay video:

Click here for more info.

  1. so if we buy gtx 1070 349$ ( Rs25000 ) offline then also we will get gears of war 4 free . will we get dvd or we have to download it using some sort of code given by retailer ? and i have read on nvidia official site it says from today if we buy and you say it starts from 20th oct so Mr can you just describe it more clearly plzzz

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