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Unfortunately, there seem to be some patch day issues. Many seem to stem from the addition of Copa Lucioball, a version of the Rocket League-style mode for Competitive Play. Through these short Lucioball matches, players can earn Competitive Points, though less than they would earn through traditional modes.  

The issues seem to come in a few different flavors, some specific to Lucioball and some not. Players have reported that they’re unable to queue for Lucioball at all, or when they do queue, they find themselves endlessly stuck on “Searching”. Others have found themselves trapped in groups, even after being kicked. Other smaller problems include the eponymous ball being completely gone and uneven teams being created in matchmaking.  One issue is affecting all Competitive Play: players are reporting that they aren’t getting any Skill Rating or Competitive Points for wins. Then there are straight up login issues, where players simply can’t log into the game in the first place. That problem started on PC, but it seems to have slowly spread to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players.

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