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Esports in India was something niche, enjoyed only by those who could afford a PC or a console. Tencent bringing PUBG to smartphones triggered a big demographic change – since smartphones are much more affordable, and don’t really have a social stigma attached to it. A PUBG Mobile tournament concluded recently saw the winners walk away with 15 lakh INR and an Oppo F9 pro for each member of the squad, so there’s definitely quite some money involved in these tournaments. With PUBG Mobile on the rise, organizers like Nodwin Gaming have taken a new interest in organizing tournaments for the game, hosting big prize pools to bring in the crowds.

Nodwin Gaming is not really someone unknown. They are the ones behind the ESL India Premiership, and a number of other small tournaments across the Indian subcontinent. They will be organizing a tournament in association with Chinese gaming network Fighting Esports Group called the Fighting League PUBG Mobile Championship.

The tournament is completely online with 4 weekly qualifiers. Each weekly qualifier will see 100 teams divided into 5 groups and the top 4 teams from each group will compete for the weekly finals. After the culmination of all the four qualifiers, top 20 teams will be chosen on the basis of their cumulative points across the 4 qualifiers to play the grand finals. Grand finals will be a BO4 TPP mode on Saturday, and BO4 FPP mode on Sunday, with 2 rounds of Erangel map and 2 round of Miramar map.

The qualifiers are set to begin on 16 November and will culminate with the grand finals on 8 and 9 December.

The qualifiers will be online, so it is possible to play the game from any place you want, as long as you have a smartphone which can run PUBG Mobile. There’s no registration fee, so it’s something worthy to participate in and take those PUBG Mobile skills into the esports arena!

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