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It isn’t everyday that you get to see successes in Esports. Especially in third world countries where it takes a back seat thanks to the extremely small amount of the population actually involved in it. Or the fact that people can’t really accept it as a way of life, as it still is a luxury there. Among the small gaming scenes in this countries, there are success stories that encourage everyone. Eximious Esports’ enormous success in the WESG qualifiers will stand out in time to provide hope to more players willing to take esports up as a career in Pakistan.

For a team that’s barely had three weeks of practice as a team to play together and practice roles, teamwork and the like, this is an exemplary success, and it only gets better as the players get motivated to work harder to win. Initially from Portal Esports, they joined Eximious just before the main event. The WESG is a decent way for national teams to prove their worth in the international arena – and judging by the looks of it, every minute of practice was spent in ensuring their victories in the WESG, to catapult them into success.

Needless to stay, the government embodies the third world sentiment that “gaming is a waste of time”, which was reflected when they had problems getting visas. The team eventually went to the¬† Ministry of Foreign Affairs, where they discussed their plight – how they have been trying to shine in an international tournament for years, to provide a success story for other esports athletes in the country to follow. That’s how their journey began.

Eximious Blue, who won the team their victory.

The team’s synergy worked out well, as people watched an underdog win matches against otherwise veteran teams with years of experience. Their mid player, Shizzy, pulled off quite some feats, while their support player Arrow backed their team up in the hottest team fights, ones where they thought they would lose.

Shizzy carrying the national flag at the beginning ceremony.

The team ground their way out of the qualifiers and into the main event due to take place in March 2018! There, they get to play against the biggest teams DOTA 2 has ever seen.

The team that won Pakistan their slot at the WESG finals.

Eximious now gets the chance to play against the real legends of DOTA 2 at the main event. You might even see crowd favorites like Virtus Pro, Evil Geniuses, or Natus Vincere play against them! Win or lose, they left a trail of success that many hope to follow in the future.

We at Indiannoob wish to congratulate Eximious for their performance, and wish them all the best for the WESG finals, and all future endeavors!

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