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The Gods of Gaming finals was a tight one, where Ate Gaming gave quite some competition to rival Eternal Esports, but despite that, Eternal managed to win the first three maps to score a clean 3-0 win. There was quite some controversy over a player of the Eternal Esports team, whose aim and predictions of enemy positions seemed dodgy to the Ate Gaming squad. This raised quite a fiasco, ultimately leading to Ate Gaming complaining to the organizers about the said player. Quite a few uneventful days later, Eternal Esports disband, despite the ruling going in their favor in  the Gods of Gaming tournament.

Eternal Esports does not exactly have a very bright past, and it looks like the future of the team could just be as murky. Last year, the entire Entity Gaming squad switched over to Eternal Esports, leading to one of the biggest fiascos Indian esports has ever known. Shortly afterwards, the Eternal lineup left to play as part of Team Invictus earlier this year, leading to another gigantic drama no one enjoyed. Now, the disband of the team just a few days after its formation does not bode well for the team, and paints a bad picture of the Indian esports scene as a whole.

Team disbands in the Indian scene are not uncommon. Even big teams like Team NeckBREAK as well as Team Wolf had disbanded in the past, which has led to the formations of new teams. It’s the nature of disband that’s more important – which in this case, seems highly likely to be linked to the allegations of cheating against one of their CSGO players in the Gods of Gaming.

The future of Eternal Esports, following the disband, seems unclear, but it is clear that Eternal won’t be taking part in the ESL India Premiership.

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